Urban Chicken Series: Preparing For Your Backyard Chickens in Six Simple Sessions

Urban Chickens Series


Marion's own Sustainable Couple, John and Kelli Lane, will share all you need to know, from building or sourcing a chicken coop to purchasing chicks, to get you up-and-running with your urban flock! Attend the entire series and you'll have chickens to enjoy this summer. Registration is closed for this series, as attendees are expected to join us for all classes in the series since each builds upon the ones before. 


Tuesday, March 29 - Understanding the Ordinance and Preparing a Structure
You will have a thorough understanding of the Marion Backyard Chicken Ordinance and explore resources and get informaton on plans for constructing or sourcing a chicken coop and run. (Later in the series, you will have the chance to place an order for chicks, to be delivered before the series ends.) 

Tuesday, April 12 - Selecting Your Breed and Setting Up a Brooding Box
You will learn about the chicken breeds that are best for urban settings and for individual preferences. We want you to have a complete understanding of chick care and brooding box materials by the end of this session. 

Tuesday, April 26 - Summer and Winter Care for Adult Birds
In this class, you will learn the basics of chicken care, especially for the hot summer and cold winter months. We will devote a portion of this class to discussing chicken coops and runs; these things present ongoing needs.

Tuesday, May 3 - Predator Protection and Addressing Common Chicken Health Concerns
You will learn the essentials for predator protection and addressing basic health issues for chicksn, including clipping wings, bumblefoot, and biosecurity. We'll talk about culling birds. 

Tuesday, May 10 - Feeding Your Flock and Maintaining the Coop and Run
In this session, you will learn about feeding a backyard flock on a budget and supplies needed for pullets and adult birds. We'll also talk about recommendations for clearning your coop naturally and what to do with the dirty bedding. 

Tuesday, May 17 - Celebration and Roundtable Discussion
In this final formal session, we'll celebrate your successes with your chicks! We will also finalize details for our Capstone Event: a "Tour de Coop!" 

Date to Be Determined - Capstone Event
On this optional date (to be decided by the class participants), we will go on a "Tour de Coop" to see each others' set-ups and to further build our community of urban homesteaders. Details to follow.