Mistaken for a King


Meeting Room A

Mistaken for a King - Kellams

We are proud to welcome author Dan Kellams back to Marion. Kellams has published a new book with a great deal of local flavor and we know you'll want to come to this book talk and signing to meet Dan and hear about his latest: Mistaken for a King: Sketches of a Small-Town Boyhood. Kellams is the author of the locally popular book A Coach's Life: Les Hipple and the Marion Indians

Mistaken for a King evokes the life of a boy in Marion, Iowa, during the middle of the last century. The book distills the essence of childhood in a series of finely honed and often funny essays, recounting memorable events and adventures that occurred between the ages of five and twelve.

Kids roamed free as sparrows in Marion during the 1940s. Untouched by television, they created their own amusement wherever they found it, in backyards, side streets, alleys, and pastures. Some readers will be transported to their own childhoods; others will be charmed by the recollections of young lives lived so spontaneously. Many will ponder what has been lost.

Kellams will discuss the book, read excerpts, answer questions, and sign copies. Books will be available to purchase, and the author will donate a portion of the purchase price from each book sold to the library!