Joy of Healing: Small Animal Therapy


Meeting Room B
Pet readings
SIGN UP FOR ONE 30-MINUTE SESSION (one pet per session; because of limited sessions available, no more than one session per person)
We are offering a day of pet readings provided by licensed massage therapist and spiritual healer Gina Hamilton, with Joy of Healing and Illuminations Healing Arts Center. Gina works with both humans and animals, but today she is focusing on animals. 
In Gina's small animal therapy work, she combines essential oils with meditation, chakra balance, and body work to address concerns expressed by the owner. (Sometimes, what she understands from the pet differs from what the owner has told her!)
Gina has used aromatherapy for 12 years, and says it is truly where her healing practice began. She is a 2005 Carlson College of Massage Therapy graduate and is licensed in the state of Iowa. She became certified in 2008 by Companion Animal Touch Therapies to work with small animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, etc. She has eight years of experience working in two boarding facilities and two veterinary clinics, and has raised American Pit Bull Terriers for 22 years: they have been some of her most influential patients and teachers for her practice in the areas of aging, creating boundaries, devotion, loyalty, pain relief, recovery from trauma, and soothing anxiety. 
A limited number of sessions are available, and you MUST be pre-registered to take advantage of Gina's services today.