Day of Books & Roses



Day of Books & Roses

Our winners have all been notified! Be sure to come in soon while the roses are still fresh and lovely!

The Tradition of the Day of Books & Roses
Give a Book and a Rose to a Loved One for St. George’s Day, April 23

One of the most famous holidays in Catalonia in Spain is Saint Jordi Day, a celebration of love and literature on April 23; this has evolved into World Book Night in many countries today, and April 23 has been adopted by UNESCO as World Book & Copyright Day.

According to legend, the brave knight Saint George saved a princess from a dragon, and gave her a beautiful rose that sprang from the dragon’s blood. In 1926, Catalan booksellers added the literary twist when they decided that Saint Jordi’s feast day could be celebrated along with the anniversary of the deaths of Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare. To this day, booksellers’ stalls in Barcelona fill up with flowers and books; men give women roses, and women give men books. These festive markets often include other cultural and literary events, such as book signings and readings of classical literature.

While traditionally men present their grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, wives, girlfriends, daughters and other female relatives with roses, over the years the celebration has become less sexist: many lovers now present each other with books, roses and other gifts.

We encourage you to join in this literary and romantic tradition and to that end, offer books and roses for you to share with your loved ones! From April 1st through April 22nd, each time you visit the library you may enter our drawing for a free rose and book; winners will be drawn on the Day of Books & Roses, April 23. We’ll draw 50 names, but any person can only win one book/rose package.