Classics Club Gone With the Wind Program


Meeting Room A

Classics Club GWTW

Scarlett, Rhett, Ashley—mention their names and almost everyone knows who and what you’re talking about. Why? How is it that a story so blatantly racist, so regionally specific with such stereotyped characters should be one of the most famous books of the 20th century?  Its appeal lies partly in the myth of the Lost Cause (the belief that the “Old South” was superior to the post-war “New”one), but largely in the personalities and experiences of its characters and the love triangle in which they are involved.  This program investigates how the Lost Cause, Victorian social attitudes, and Margaret Mitchell’s own family history all served as the inspiration for a book that has remained popular for more than 80 years.

Gone With the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell, is our second Classics Club title. Get off on the right foot with at this great program by local historian Kathy Wilson where she'll put the characters and events in their historical context. Plenty of time for Q&A. We guarantee you'll see Gone With the Wind in an entirely new light!